mobile revolution white paper

Content Creation

In the first 6 months…

  • Generated 23 leads for the sales team
  • Received 1,515 unique page views


  • Analyzed mobile website data for 36 student housing properties across the U.S.
  • Segmented data based on channels and devices
  • Summarized data into key trends and takeaways
  • Provided eight recommendations to increase mobile exposure

In January 2017, I published the mobile revolution white paper for Catalyst after analyzing our website data and researching the best methods to increase mobile exposure. I aggregated all Google Analytics data from our clients into a central account and found that 51.92% of our clients’ website traffic came from mobile devices. I analyzed more of the mobile data and wrote the mobile revolution white paper to share with the community, as well as generate traffic and leads on our website. Over the course of 6 months, the white paper generated 23 leads and received 1,515 unique page views.

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